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Civil War History

Разработчик Alireza Montazery

Dig up all the history and trivia about the American Civil War.Learn amazing facts about the battles fought and the generals who led the battles.
Includes an interactive online dictionary to click through and learn more about important historical events and people.
How did President Lincoln direct his Union army and how did he conduct the war?
Relive American History as you browse through photos of historical events and people.
Learn about slavery and how the Abolitionists tried to stop it.
See camp scenes and soldiers day to day lives?
Test your knowledge of United States civil war history.
Love U.S. History and enjoy browsing through military history trivia?
Information included about the following:1) Short History of Civil War 2) Abolitionism 3) Battle of Antietam 4) Clara Barton 5) General P.G.T. Beauregard 6) John Wilkes Booth 7) John Brown8) George Washington Carver 9) Battle of Chickamauga 10) Battle of Cold Harbor11) Jefferson Davis 12) Frederick Douglass 13) Emancipation Proclamation 14) Battle of Fredericksburg 15) Battle of First Manassas 16) Battle for Fort Sumter 17) Civil War Camp Scenes 18) General Ulysses S. Grant 19) General Thomas Stonewall Jackson 20) Albert Sidney Johnson 21) President Andrew Johnson 22) General Robert E. Lee 23) President Abraham Lincoln 24) James Longstreet 25) George McClellan 26) George Meade 27) Battle of Monitor & Merrimack 28) Solomon Northup, author of "Twelve Years A Slave"29) Battle of Petersburg 30) Battle for Richmond 31) Battle of Second Manassas 32) William Henry Seward 33) William Tecumseh Sherman 34) Battle of Shiloh 35) Slave Narratives36) Slavery 37) Battle of Spotsylvania 38) J.E,B. Stuart 39) Harriet Tubman 40) Underground Railroad 41) Battle of Vicksburg 42) Booker T. Washington 43) Battle of the Wilderness 44) Battles of the Civil War 45) People of Civil War